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Selling Lead Type:Sell
Post Date:14/8/2023 10:11:26
Expiry Date:12/11/2023
Mininum Order Qty.:6 Piece(s)
Company Certification:CE
Destination Port:Huangpu,Guangzhou
FOB Price (per unit):730 ⇒ US Dollar
Payment Terms:Payment by TT

Dj Light, 300W CMY LED Moving Head Light (PHA029)
Detailed Selling Leads Description
+ 23 DMX512 control channels.
+ Color Wheel:
12 dichroic filters + white.
Half color and rainbow effect.
+ CMY,linear mixed color.
+ Rotating gobo wheel:
7 interchangable gobos + open.
Bi-directional gobo rotation and position.
With adjustable rotation speed.
Gobo-flow effect.
Gobo shaking effect.
+ Static gobo wheel:
12 fixed gobos + open,spin at variable speed.
Gobo shaking effect.
+ Prism:two prisms,6 facet linear prism,8 facet prism.
+ Fine frost function.
+ Lens:high precision optical lens,linear zoom 4-35 degree.
+ Dimmer:0-100% linear adjustment.
+ Strobe effect:1-25 flashes/sec variable strobe effect.
+ Focus:motorized focus.
+ Pan/Tilt movement:
Pan 540 degree,Tilt 270 degree.
Auto X/Y repositioning,fast,quiet and smooth..

Voltage:AC 100-240V 50/60Hz.
Light source:300W white LED Module,color temperature:7500K-8000K.
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